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Our Product

The quality of Indonesian RAW Coconut Shell Charcoal is the best in the international market. 

The outer layer of the coconut, or what we often call the coconut shell, does have quite a lot of benefits. Because of this coconut shell or shell which is the main raw material in making charcoal briquettes which is an alternative fuel solution that we need so far. 

There is one interesting thing, this coconut shell or shell is relatively cheap and lasts longer when burned when compared to wood. Not only that, the number of calories or heat energy produced in this coconut charcoal shell briquette is also quite high, so it makes our cooking process cook faster.

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Coconut Shell Charcoal


Moisture 7% Max
Ash Content 2 %
Calories 7000 – 7200 Kcal
Burning Time 3 Hours


Wood Charcoal

Moisture 4 %
Ash Content 5 %
Calories 7000 Kcal
Burning Time 3 Hours

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Coconut Sehll Charcoal

Moisture 4 %
Ash Content 5 %
Calories 7000 Kcal
Burning Time 3 Hours


Hard Wood Charcoal

Moisture 8 %
Ash Content 4 %
Calories 5000 Kcal
Burning Time 3 Hours


Rice Husk Charcoul

Roasted rice husk can be used as organic fertilizer. Roasted rice husk can repair damaged soil structure and be able to loosen the soil. This is certainly very useful so that the planting media is able to absorb nutrients properly, maintain humidity around the plant roots, and provide enough air and nutrients.


Natural Rice Husk

Original rice husk can be used as organic fertilizer. Husk is a by-product of rice milling. Rice husk can loosen the soil and the types of chemical elements in it are very good for soil fertility.


Here are some frequently asked questions.


We are shipping coconut charcoal briquettes from the port of Jakarta (Tanjung Priuk) Indonesia. Tracking containers from the charcoal factory to port takes 12-18 hours. By car, it takes only 3 hours, but the truck drives slower. Departure time to destination is every Friday, Saturday and Thursday, CY Closing is Monday, Wednesday and Friday accordingly.

Estimated transit time of container from Jakarta to ports:

Port Klang (MYPKG) 3-5 days
Jeddah (SAJED) 22-32 days
Port Said (EGPSD/E) 19-23 days
Barcelona (ESBCN) 25-30 days
Rotterdam (NLRTM) 25-30 days
Hamburg (Deham) 24-29 days
Antwerpen (BEANER) 25-30 days
Gdynia (PLGDY) 40-45 days
St. Petersburg (RULED) 40-45 days
Novorossiysk (RUNVS) 30-45 days
Los Angeles (USLAX) 30-36 days
New York (USNYC) 34-41 days
Melbourne (AUMEB) 18-25 days
Keep in mind, that transit time and departure date is depending on the shipping line and can be different from shipment to shipment.

We sell our coconut charcoal briquettes on a FOB or CIF basis, we are happy to help you to recommend a good shipping line. Transshipment of containers is usually done via Singapore or Port Klang, Malaysia.

Coconut charcoal production time is 7 days to fill in 20” feet container.

Shipment Detail

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20″FCL Ocean Container  : 18 Ton
40″FCL Ocean Container :  26 Ton
Minimum Order Is 18 Ton

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